Aim for a healthier you!

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Aim for a healthier you!

While common goals include losing weight, getting fit, or drinking more water, many people tend to lose track and do not stick to these resolutions. The bitter truth is that some habits are very hard to lose. This year, try to develop new habits instead of getting rid of old ones. You do not need to make drastic change in your lifestyle, as even small changes can positively impact one’s health.

Health tips to help fulfil your commitment to a healthier you:

Create a plan: The first step before deciding on a lifestyle change is to set a plan. Outline the changes you want to bring to your lifestyle and work on how you would fit them into your current schedule. Do not make too many changes at once; take small steps towards a healthy life.

Get adequate amounts of sleep: Your body needs to rest in order to recoup energy to function the next day. Aim for a minimum seven to eight hours of sleep. Make minor alterations to your lifestyle, including dinner time, which will ultimately affect your bedtime. Do not compromise on sleep, and ensure to get the required amounts of sleep per day.

Avoid following fad diets: Fad diets look appealing and may seem to work at times. However, they are an extremely unhealthy practice and do not offer long-term results. Many of these diets exclude major food groups and encourage the inclusion of various supplements. These are not diets that one can continue for the rest of their life, hence should be avoided. There is so much information available on the Internet these days, making it difficult to differentiate true from false. Do not make any drastic diet changes without consulting a dietitian.

Follow better eating habits:  Eat mindfully to lose weight the healthy way and maintain an optimal body weight. Healthy eating is extremely important to maintain a better lifestyle, as what you consume decides various aspects of your health. Avoid consuming junk and processed food as they are extremely high in calories and low in nutrients.

Consume sufficient water: When thirsty, water should be the first drink you reach out for. It helps keep you hydrated and flushes out toxins from the body.

Exercise regularly: Working out is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Proper dietary practices coupled with physical activity helps maintain good health. It is important to establish a workout routine and stick to it. Moderate physical activity for at least five days a week is more than enough to keep you fit.

Schedule regular visits to the doctor: This is something that has been stressed upon many times, but many people do not consider it important to consult a doctor unless they fall seriously ill. Regular doctor visits to rule out a potential illness is not considered necessary, but is a practice that needs to be included as part of your lifestyle. These visits are always essential to diagnose a health condition in its initial stages and treat it accordingly.


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