World Heart Day 2022

Beating cardiovascular disease is something that matters to every beating heart. Arrhythmias, Heart Failure and Syncope are issues of the heart tackled by the best heart doctors at Heart Rhythm Clinic at Aster Discovery Gardens.

Arrhythmias occur when the electrical signals inside the heart are faulty causing the heart to beat either too fast (tachycardia) – leading to palpitations or too slow (bradycardia) – leading to tiredness, fatigue or dizziness.

Dangerous tachycardias are VT (Ventricular tachycardia) or VF (Ventricular Fibrillation) which might require putting devices like ICD (Intra Cardiac Defibrillator) or CRT-D(Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy with Defibrillator) together with medications. Dangerous bradycardias like Sick Sinus Syndrome or Heart Block (riot to be confused with blockage in the arteries of the heart) usually do not respond to medications and will require devices like Pacemakers.

Faulty signalling can also lead to irregular heartbeats in the form of premature heart beats like Atrial or Ventricular Ectopy and rhythm abnormalities like AF (Atrial Fibrillation) or Atrial Flutter. Arrhythmias are also treated with catheter procedures called EPS FtFA (Electra Physiology Study with Radio Frequency Ablation).

When heart rhythms go out of control or when there is cardiac muscle damage after a Heart attack or Cardiomyopathy, then we end up with Heart Failure. Heart failure is managed primarily with medications directed to address the cause of heart failure and to improve the cardiac pump. When these fail, we might need the service of the best cardio surgeon for undertaking surgical procedures to correct Heart valve problems or catheter procedures like Angioplasty to tackle clogged arteries or devices like CRT.

When the arrhythmias are totally out of control or when the cardiovascular apparatus is not able to handle certain stresses, we might end up with Syncope (loss of consciousness). Loss of consciousness can be brought on by various conditions which might be neurological, endocrine or cardiological in origin. Syncope of cardiac origin is usually transient when due to Vasovagal syncope (due to faulty signalling between the heart and Vagus nerve). or Reflex Situational Syncope (due to reflex cardiac suppression from certain activities). Syncope can be prolonged or can even result in death if they are due to Arrhythmias.

Celebrate World Heart Day with Aster Clinic

World Heart Federation encourages us to use the 29th  of September – ‘World Heart Day’ as an opportunity to consider how best to use our hearts for humanity, for nature and for you.

We, at Aster Specialty, Discovery Gardens – the best heart hospital in Dubai, is giving you a ‘World heart day challenge’ to chart out a heart shaped route in your community and to walk, run or bike the route. Plan your heart shape route and share it with Aster. Remember that a heart-healthy lifestyle can help to prevent heart damage.


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