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Why Do People Get Strokes?

If the blood that flows into your brain is interrupted, a stroke may occur. Stroke, also called brain attack, is the result of brains cells being deprived of oxygen and glucose, which is required for the survival of the cells.

Strokes are of two kinds- Ischemic and Hemorrhagic.

Ischemic stroke is a result of a clot in the blood vessels which could be formed anywhere in your body. These clots travel to the brain and block its blood supply.

In a Hemorrhagic stroke, blood vessels of the brain rupture causing blood flow into the tissue and damages the brain cells.

Dubai’s specialist cardiologists say that, a stroke could be the result of medical or lifestyle factors. However, about 50% strokes can be prevented, as per doctors. The risk factors, if controlled on time, can help keep any chances of a stroke at a minimum.

If you have a blood pressure problem, diabetes, or any heart condition, your risk of stroke will be higher than others. But, high BP, uncontrolled sugar levels, heart problems like atrial fibrillation or coronary artery disease can all be regulated with medications. You should also control your diet, weight, smoking habits, and stay active to minimize the chances of a stroke, say many good cardiologists in Dubai.

However, keep in mind that underlying factors like age, gender, genetic makeup, or family history of heart conditions could also cause stroke. About 75% of all stroke patients are over 65 years of age. Woman have a higher lifetime risk of stroke. These are all factors that cannot be controlled by an individual.

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