We’ll Treat You Well – Aster Clinic’s have a strong team of Cardiologists

Taking informed health decisions help in understanding cardiac risks, and keeping the heart young and healthy

Almost one in every seven people living in the UAE is overweight or obese, according to recent statistics. The reasons for the alarming state of affairs are the usual ones: easy access to fast/unhealthy food, smoking, and lack of regular exercise. Residents of the UAE are not optimally managing chronic diseases and living busy and stressful lives that lead to poor health statistics. A large population is living with diabetes, hypertensive heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathies, and congenial heart disease. Even though lifelong medications are available to offset some of the risks, in essence such lifestyle diseases hamper healthy and comfortable living.

Doctors and health professionals, therefore, suggest inculcating healthy practices right from childhood. Schoolgoing children should be encouraged to be health-conscious and make choices that aid in healthy living.

Adults, on the other hand, should reduce intake of carbohydrates, have five portions of fruits and vegetables in a day, quit smoking, and exercise regularly. Such minor changes to the diet and lifestyle go a long way in controlling various risk factors associated with cardiovascular and chronic diseases.

At Aster Clinics we believe in the old-age mantra: prevention is better than cure. We conduct various community-related events and activities to educate consumers about the importance of healthy living. We also have preventive health check packages customised for different age groups and health conditions of people to ensure that any untoward health occurrences are avoided,” says a spokesperson of the Aster Clinics’ team of cardiologists.

Busy is Life’, one of the current initiatives by Aster Clinics, aims to promote the importance of healthy living and emphasise Aster clinics’ role as a healthcare partner, which is always available for every individual, if required.

Aster Clinics are present at 45 locations and have 425 doctors, and 700 paramedical staff on board to keep you moving ahead. “Life is busy; everybody is busy doing their daily routine activities and in the rush we tend to ignore our heart. Aster Clinics urge people to eat right, exercise daily, beat stress, quit smoking, and get timely check-ups to have a smiling heart always. We also conduct various corporate engagement activities such as health talks and shows to raise awareness about the importance of healthy living and thereby build a healthy population,” adds the spokesperson.

Aster Clinics and Hospital have a strong team of cardiologists, who are dedicated to ensure that every patient is treated well.


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