Tummy Time for Babies Is a Good Practice  

Becoming a parent is a very new and different experience for a couple. Especially when you’re a first-time dad or mom, everything about the baby, from its slightly smooshed head to the fine hair on its body, can feel as exhilarating as strange.

While the baby is still settling in its new life out of the womb, as you may notice, most of their time is spent on their back. They either sleep flat on their backs in a crib, on a bed, or in your lap.

What you may not realize is that infants need to spend a few minutes on their tummy while they are awake, say several Pediatricians in Sharjah.

Why Is Tummy Time Important?

For starters, the head, shoulder, and neck muscles of your child need some exercise. A baby lying on the stomach will try to look around. It’ll allow their eyes to gain some strength. The activity will also help their skull round out and strengthen their trunk, shoulders, and neck.

Over time, lying on the tummy will also prompt your child to roll over. He or she will begin trying to support their body on their arms, and start to move a little. However, make sure the baby stays safe.

As per the best pediatricians in Ajman you can begin tummy time as soon as the baby gets home after delivery. In the beginning, keep it restricted to about three to five minutes and practice it at least thrice a day.

Use a clean blanket. Spread it on the floor to lay the baby down on their stomach.

Only practice tummy time when the baby is awake, and most preferably in a playful mood, suggest several pediatric neurologists. Ajman pediatricians also advice that you use the exercise as playtime for you and the baby in order to help you bond and interact with your baby.


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