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Total Hip Arthroplasty and Metabolic Diseases: Understanding the Complications

Among all metabolic diseases of the bone, like rickets, fibrous dysplasia, or osteomalacia, osteoporosis is the most common one and seen in elderly age group. If left unattended, such skeletal disorders can reduce bone density, cause structural deformities, pathological fractures and significantly limit the patient’s movement.

Treating conditions, like severe progressive arthritis, with Total Hip Arthroplasty ensures that the patient regains his/her freedom of movement. THA helps them deal with the chronic pain that renders them incapable of walking, moving, sitting, or climbing stairs with ease.

However, despite the soaring success rates of THA (over 95%,) there are possible complications, that shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, understanding the complexities of the treatment, better equips the patient to admit themselves in the care of the  best orthopedician in Dubai or anywhere else, one who is well-suited to handle their case.

Possible Complications of Total Hip Arthroplasty

  • The hip implant can make squeaky noises because of metal-on-metal contact (0.5-10%)
  • Misaligned implants can loosen, cause pain, and hip dislocation (0.2-7%,  mostly within the first six months)
  • Hip dislocation because of weak muscle strength
  • Blood clots & pulmonary embolism (0.5-0.6%)
  • Infections, because of tissue allergies, diabetes, etc.
  • Fractures because of stem insertion (1%)
  • Nerve injury (0-3%)
  • Vascular injury (0.1-0.2%)

The chances of THA causing a serious side-effect issue is low. However, patients can further reduce the risk by choosing the most in-practice orthopedic clinic in Dubai, or anywhere in the world. THA is safest in the hands of a surgeon who has had enough practice.



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