Tips for Moms to be to Enjoy New Year

New Year being around the corner, this is what pregnant ladies could do to enjoy the festive season.

  • Comfortable clothes Try wearing maternity clothing to avoid being uncomfortable while shopping for the festival. Wear something that will support your belly to make the shopping last much longer.


  • No alcohol: Enjoy a glass of something refreshing and sparkly drink instead of alcohol. Mixing up some of the ginger, mint and lime sparkler not only tastes good but sparkles your taste buds as well.


  • Stay hydrated: New Year could be tiring as you are out of your normal routine, so try carrying a water bottle and try sip in water every hour, because it’s hard to forget water if it’s in your bottle.


  • Take a walk: If you can’t fit in your usual exercise regime don’t forget that walking is good for you too. But a brisk walk with family or friends is a sociable way to maintain the regular cardio.


  • Stretch a little: Find time to stretch out with some yoga poses. Ten minutes of yoga can do much to make you feel more relaxed and energised. Sitting on the floor with legs crossed with feet beneath your knees, lengthen the spine and sit up tall.


  • Enjoy: Make the most of being pregnant and accept offers of help. Let other people help you carry the shopping and do the cooking.


  • Cook easy recipes: Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t host a party at home. Try cooking easy foods and keep your menu simple. Start your party early to avoid delayed night. Let your hubby help you with the preparations.

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