Ten useful tips for a healthy living.

Ten Useful Tips for a healthy living during pregnancy 

  • Do not diet! Pregnancy is not the time to diet as this can limit the baby’s nutrition and growth. You can avoid excessive weight gain by maintaining a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime.


  • Drink plenty of water. Pregnant women dehydrate more quickly so drinking water and other fluids is important especially in this part of the world due to climatic conditions.


  • Base every meal on Starchy foods as these will provide energy for you and your baby. They are also a source of fiber so help you feel full and satisfied.


  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as these provide essential vitamins and minerals required for growth of your baby.


  • Foods rich in proteins are a rich source of Iron which is required for the normal growth of your baby. Some examples are Meat, Poultry, Green leafy vegetables, Fish and Fortified cereals.


  • Fiber rich foods such as Wholegrain breads, Pulses, High fiber breakfast cereals will provide a rich source of roughage and prevent constipation.


  • Dairy products are a rich source of Calcium and important for the baby’s bone and teeth development. Choose low fat varieties when you can.


  • Eat small frequent meals. Snacking is common during pregnancy; however, you must be careful of what you eat as unhealthy snacking may cause excessive weight gain. Opt for healthy snacks such as: Fruits, Low fat yoghurts, Smoothies, Breakfast cereals.


  • Do not skip any meals. It is important to eat all your meals at regular intervals especially a healthy and hearty breakfast. Breakfast provides a vital boost to energy levels so that you and your baby have a great day!


  • Exercise regularly. It is very important to exercise regularly in order to avoid excessive weight gain. Before starting any form of exercise it is advisable to consult your doctor.

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