Taking Supplements Doesn’t Improve Bone Strength in Healthy Older Adults

Bone fractures can be caused by diseases like metastatic cancer, or trauma, like falling or hitting oneself. Both, vitamin D and calcium aren’t prescribed in the cases of pathologic fractures. However, with bones that are weak and calcium deficient, falling can cause severe injury.

Orthopedics and genuine bone-health concern are overshadowed by the prevalent idea that Vitamin D and Calcium supplements strengthen the bones and prevent fractures in people.

From a set of 33 clinical trials with 51,145 elderly participants (over 50 years of age), 14 compared the absolute risk difference between calcium supplements, no treatment, and placebo. 17 trials did the same with vitamin D in place of calcium.

The researcher discovered that there was little to no difference between the group which took supplements and the group which didn’t. Also, there was no clinically significant association between using supplements and risk reduction for fractures.

The study involved participants living in the community as opposed to those who stay at residential care facilities. The latter is more likely to be affected by osteoporosis, and more prone to falling accidents.

Orthopedic Surgeon


Dr. Sakram Naik,

Orthopedic Surgeon

Aster Clinic, Al Quoz


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