Preventing infections while fasting

During Ramadan, there is a significant decrease in water consumption over a long period of time. The unrelenting heat, harsh sunlight and longer days do not make it easy for people who fast. When you add dehydration, fatigue and weakness to the equation, you can have several health complications, including kidney stones and urinary tract infections […]

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Why is Sleep Important During Ramadan

How important is getting enough sleep for our general health? Sleep is a condition of body and mind which leads to natural periodic suspension of consciousness, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes are closed and the postural muscles are relaxed. In terms of computer language, sleep acts like update and shutdown option […]

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healthy plate

A Healthy Ramadan Plate

The holy month of Ramadan is a time when families gather together to enjoy a rich and heavy meal, particularly during Iftaar. One must keep in mind that during Ramadan, the diet of an individual who is fasting is completely altered and completely depends on the meals consumed during Suhoor and Iftar. It is crucial […]

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