Sunburn in Children

Sunburn in Children

How Can You Protect Your Children from Melanoma?

Be it the beach or your backyard on a sunny day, excited toddlers staggering around and playing in the sunshine are the cutest sight ever. But, did you know that childhood sunburn is a real threat? Sunburn to a child can not only damage the skin but also double their risks of developing melanoma once they are adults

How Can Kids Get Sunburn?

Melanin, the pigment which provides colour to the skin, absorbs UV rays, shielding the cells of the skin from the damage. In infants, the skin has little amount of melanin, and hence they are more vulnerable to sunburn. Repeated sunburns can highly increase the chances of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer known to human.

How to Keep Your Baby Safe?

If your little sweetheart is between zero and six months, keep him/her as away from the sun as possible.

For kids who’re a bit older, apply sunscreen on their bodies, preferably with an SPF between 15 and 30. Rub it on your baby’s skin for 20-30 minutes, making sure you leave no spot undone. Use water-resistant product if you’re heading out to the beach or a pool. Reapply every two hours, especially after swimming.

Dress them in long but light sleeves and pants. Seek shade. Get them a wide baby hat to cover their faces, neck, and heads, and sunglasses too. Keep mesh shields with you to cover the car windows. Whether you’re at home or on holiday in Dubai, derma clinics should be on your dialer for any emergencies.




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