Skincare for men

Grooming and skincare have always been associated with women. However, with the increase in the number of spas and salons in Dubai, male grooming has seen a rise as well. Moreover, with most men now becoming more conscious about their looks, they have begun to take care of their looks and skin. A few years back, it was more like there was a social stigma associated with men grooming, although that is not the case now.

It is highly important for both men and women to take care of their skin equally. Men need to take care of their skin not only to look good but to also feel good. Skincare is different for men and women, it is not advisable for men to use the same products that their wives or partners use. This is because everybody’s skin type differs, and men for that matter do not age as quickly as women.

On a daily basis, men too are exposed to a lot of pollutants and sun, with the harsh weather conditions in Dubai. Common skincare problems faced by men are;

  • Acne
  • Razor burns, sunburns
  • Breakouts
  • Acne and oily skin

What should men do to prevent skin problems?

Skin problems are common in men and women, cleaning the face, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin is crucial and must be done twice in a day, daily. It is also necessary to consult a Dermatologist to understand your skin type before using any kind of cosmetic products on your skin.

Do big brands have chemicals in their products?

All brands have a certain set of ingredients used in their products. Bigger brands are now much aware of their customer’s consciousness since most consumers know about what’s in their products, as they are looking at making better and wiser choices. All skincare products contain certain chemical ingredients, however, what suits each individual differs. Skincare products have to do with what works best for your skin. The base ingredient in affordable and expensive products may even remain the same, sometimes the only difference may even be just one single ingredient. It is not recommended to purchase the most expensive products for better results, do your research, check for clinical evidence and do what works for you.

Are natural products recommended? What are the best products to use?

Since every individual’s skin type is different, their skincare needs also differ. We cannot classify a certain product or brand as the best to use for everybody. There definitely are certain clinically recommended brands, however, that would be best recommended when you visit your dermatologist who knows your skin and its needs.

Natural skincare products are basically ‘organic’ products that are made out of plant-based ingredients. In most cases, people with extremely sensitive skin or those who are completely off inorganic products opt for natural skincare items. If you are conscious of what products and ingredients are best for your skin, understand the needs of your skin and opt for products accordingly. If a particular ingredient in a natural product works wonders, there may be products without it that work well too.

However, yes natural and organic products are good for the skin.

Does diet affect skincare?

What you feed your body has an impact similar to that of what you apply on your body. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is extremely important to maintain a healthy skin. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat etc can help reduce the process of aging. It is always best to avoid excess fried, fatty and oily food. Eat good healthy home-cooked meals that contain all the essential nutrients required. Know that if what you eat is good for your health, then it is definitely good for your skin.

What should teenagers do to avoid oily skin or spots?

Acne and oily skin are commonly faced by teenaged boys since they spend a lot of time outdoors and definitely do not spend much time taking care of their skin. The first step to do would be to consult a dermatologist and understand the cause of the issue. Following basic steps like keeping the face clean will help avoid most skin issues.


Dr. Vimi P.

Specialist Dermatologist

Aster Beauty Clinic, Al Warqa




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