Physiotherapist Dubai

Physiotherapists are medical professionals that help in the rehabilitation of those patients that have suffered physical injury or trauma. There has been a rise in the number of sports and fitness related injuries over the last few years, resulting in an increase in the number of people visiting physiotherapist Dubai.

Some of more common injuries that physiotherapist Dubai have to treat and remedy include sprains and strains, ligamentous injuries, tendon injuries, rotator cuff injuries and fractures. Musculoskeletal injuries may vary in intensity depending on the cause of injury and the part of the body being injured. And depending on the severity of the injury the role of a physiotherapist Dubai may also vary. Patients with less severe injuries are directly prescribed a course of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. While those with chronic, or deep seated musculoskeletal conditions first need to undergo surgical intervention and only after that can they start their visits to a physiotherapist Dubai.

A good physiotherapist Dubai would have a keen understanding of the patient’s physical discomfort at the very first visit, and would plan an effective rehabilitation plan accordingly. Some of the factors that come into play while formulating a recovery plan include the patient’s age, gender, medical history, lifestyle and the injury that they have experienced. An experienced physiotherapist Dubai would consider all these factors and ensure that his/her patients are afforded the best possible recovery program. Physiotherapists play an integral role in being part of a comprehensive orthopaedic team, in the treatment of injuries and the prevention of future injuries.


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