pcr test what is it

PCR Test – What is it?

The Covid-19 RT PCR test is considered one of the effective methods for detecting coronavirus in a person. It sees the virus through nose or throat swabs.

Covid and PCR testing

The RT PCR test is a simple molecular test that diagnose Covid-19. It can be done any where at the home, office, or hotels. The test has been one of the most clinical methods for diagnosing Covid-19 since its approval globally in February 2020.
You can do the test at Aster Clinics without any hassle and get quick and accurate results within 4 hours. The DHA approved PCR test are fully valid for international travel. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about travelling.
Aster Clinics conduct all PCR test under the outmost level of safety protocols and hygiene checks. You can consult a doctor for Covid-19 related consultations 24/7.

What are the steps involved in the RT PCR test? 

Sample collection

You can visit Aster Clinics or contact them for a home visit for sample collection. The healthcare personal will collect particles from your nose or throat through a swab.
After that, the sample will be sent to the laboratory for further examination.

What next?

You will get the test results on the same day and within 4 hours. You can contact Aster Clinics through a form mentioned at their website for queries related to PCR test and consultation. Furthermore, you can also book an appointment through the phone numbers mentioned in the website.( mention number)

Aster Clinics always advice everyone to wear mask and use sanitizers wherever possible mention other precautions like maintain distance. Stay safe!


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