Orthopaedic Surgery FAQs

What is the prevalence of Orthopaedic issues in the  UAE? Do you witness more patients with orthopaedic issues caused by injuries or diseases?


Though however there is no exact prevalence or studies scientifically done in this regard at UAE. In general reviews and individual assessments; the prevalence of orthopaedic degenerative diseases associated with work  are amicable. Secondary to misuse or use too much of the body parts irrelevant to the physical fitness of an individual are more compared to trauma or sports injuries. As the foreign workers are more at all the categories of the jobs including hard manual laborers in UAE concentrating on time, job, earnings and ignoring the quality of life and health at present and future.

What are/is the most common Orthopaedic issue you witness at the hospital or clinic  – knee pain, osteoporosis, sports injuries etc.?

Degenerative diseases involving the axial skeleton are witnessed mainly at the healthcare sectors. Like for Eg: Knee, Hip, Shoulders, Elbows, Spine, and Limbs are more witnessed both at clinics & hospital. Osteoporosis, Occupation induced injuries or hazards and sports injuries are mainly  undiagnosed generally as the accessibility of a common labour worker to the specialist is hindered due to inadequate time and work constraints apart from the insurance restrictions and policies. All of this leads to the advancement or worsening of the diseases.

Can you share more information on why patients should opt for Laparoscopic surgery, rather than traditional? (Can we have specifics)

In Orthopaedics; Arthroscopic Surgeries / Key hole Surgeries / MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) should have opted for patients in view of benefits for a patient and the company. As patient can be rehabilitated early, less stay in the hospital and back to work at the earliest which is beneficial to the either. And in overall, the cost expenditure will be comparably less.

  • For instance traditional might require 5 days of hospital stay, whereas arthroscopic surgeries would allow for next day recovery and treated as a day care surgery and discharged on the same day of admission most often.
  •  Is it more cost-effective? Of course, it’s more Cost-effective when taken only the surgical charges into consideration but when compared to the traditional surgeries the cost or expenditure will be less or nearly the same in overall as keeping in view of the hospital stay, Expenses on medicines. Etc having an impact in the Physical, Mental, Financial, Psychological and Occupational stress to the patient and its family.
  •  Is it more reliable? Does it have a higher chance of preventing future re-occurrences? It is reliable; Prevention of future recurrences can be done but in orthopaedics, the problems are the structural damages or changes occurring within the body. Henceforth with age and time subtle variations are expected and can be addressed accordingly.
  • Is post-operative pain management better? Yes, Post-operation pain management is easier and much better when compared to the traditional method of management as its less invasive, less tissue damage, less loss of blood and hence less pain. It is also better manageable and easily acceptable by the patients.

What are some recent studies you have come across that justify the case of minimal invasive or laparoscopic?


I have come across with many studies and few links are mentioned below for detailed knowledge on the topic.

–   www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3117522/

–   orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00543

–   jbjs.org/content/85/11/2069


Following are the benefits of  MIS Spine Surgeries and  Arthroscopic Joint surgeries. 

  • Day care procedure less hospital stay,
  • Early rehabilitation,
  • More cosmetic,
  • Back to work at earliest,
  • Less morbidity in experienced hands,
  • Generally acceptable by the majority of population.

Do you have two patients that could speak on this?


I do have two knee replacement patients could speak about; but there’s nothing like MIS in knee replacement.


 Is there something different that Aster provides in laparoscopic technology?


We have dedicated Orthopaedic Operation Theatre and advanced Radiological facilities, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre which ensures faster recovery and post-operative care.


Dr. Manjunatha Ganiga Srinivasaiah


Aster Clinic






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