Oral Hygiene Measures

It is important to take care of our teeth and mouth hygiene, as it affects our human body health. We should take great care of it ,to avoid any oral diseases as:

Caries is the cavitation and dissolution of the teeth structure, as a result of the accumulation of food bebris for long periods allowing the bacteria to activate. Caries will lead to sequalae of pulp inflammation and death, ending in teeth loss.

Gum disease: Plaque is normally formed on daily basis, but if it is not cleaned and washed, it will be calcified and turn into Calculus. This Calcified layer will lead to gums inflammation, bone loss and finally teeth loss.

How to take care of our teeth?

1. Brushing: We should brush our teeth twice daily morning and night time. Brushing should be done in the gums direction, and not vigorously to avoid gums recession. Watch your tooth brush frequently ,as it may need to be changed every 3-6 months.

2. Flossing: The Dental floss is very important to clean the food debris in between the teeth, where the tooth brush can’t reach. It’s use will prevent the interproximal Caries.

3. Dental Check-up: This should be done every 6 months to detect any problems in the teeth or the gums earlier.

4. Periodic Scaling and Polishing: This should be done in the dental clinic every 6-12 months, to remove the Calculus layer.

Hope all will take care of their oral hygiene, and don’t hesitate to visit the dentist periodically, to detect any problems as early as possible to easier the treatment plan.

Dr. Sylvia Magdy

General Dentist

Aster Clinic, Arabian Ranches


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