Medical centres in Dubai

Clinics or medical centres are healthcare facilities that are primarily concerned with the treatment and care of outpatients i.e. patients that need less than 24 hours of care. Medical centres in Dubai can be looked upon as subsidiaries of hospitals in terms of the nature of their establishment, despite not offering many laboratory or surgical facilities to their patients. The city of Dubai itself, with its large density of population, is home to numerous medical centres that offer excellent services and treatments to the residents of the city. Medical centres in Dubai have grown considerably over the last 5 years and this has been in direct correlation to the increasing population of locals and expatriates. In fact, according to the Dubai Health Authority, the number of outpatient visits to medical centres in Dubai increased by 12.9% from 2014 to 2015. Furthermore, 44.8% of all the outpatient visits in 2015 were made to clinics and medical centres in Dubai.
Medical centres in Dubai play a crucial role in providing the residents with accurate and quick healthcare services. More often than not, residents prefer to visit the medical centres that are closest to where they live, and because of the sheer numbers of medical centres in Dubai, every sector has enough options that residents can choose from. Medical centres in Dubai serve as the first point of diagnosis and treatment of a person’s injury or illness and save the patients a lot of trouble in commuting and waiting. With the advent of Expo 2020 around the corner, the city of Dubai expects its population to continue to grow. And this growth will most certainly be mirrored in the number and the quality of medical centres in Dubai.


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