Managing Stress On Your Fertility Journey

There are many reasons for stress 
  • Changing of jobs
  • Changing homes
  • Dealing with the major illness of yourself or your loved one.
  • Emotional stress
  • Death of a loved one
One of the major reason researchers added for stress is trying to conceive. The fertility journey is loaded with lots of stress.
Normally the journey doesn’t start that way. In the start, people pretend to be more optimistic and assuming that they will get pregnant in few months. No one ever thinks that they’re going to be the ones to have trouble with getting pregnant and having a baby.
But then as the time passes and the reality hits in, the stress level goes high and increases the disappointments of countless heartbreaks. The distress of actually not getting pregnant, having miscarriages or even seeing your friends get pregnant increases the stress and the cycle becomes a vicious circle.
It is very confusing to decide whether stress is the reason for infertility or infertility is the reason for stress.
The answer is both. Chronic stress can affect ovulation by changing signals to the brain and pituitary gland that regulate the production of the reproductive hormones.

So it’s truly an amazing thing to discover different stress relieving activities. Few of them are mentioned below:
1) Write it down: Studies show that maintaining a journal can help relieve stress. People who do not have anyone to share their stress/problems, this can turn out to be the best option. Keep it personal and express whatever you like.
2) Connect with nature: The fresh air, gentle breeze, the sunshine and Vitamin D can help to calm you down. If you feel some stress, go out and explore the nature, this will give you exactly what you need to push through the stress you’re feeling at the moment. Exercise can also help in stress reduction. It can both reduce your anxiety and improve your mood.
3) Meet your companions and family: We are social creatures and there is always a want and need of a friend or a companion for support. The fertility journey can be such a lonely, isolating one that this support is crucial for your wellbeing.
4) Spend time with your partner:  This journey can overtake your life, if you plan a date day or a date night every once in a while where you do the activities together that you enjoy, and talk about things other than your fertility, that will do wonders for both of your stress levels. It’s really important to remain connected with your partner during this time. You’re on the fertility journey together, and it’s the kind of thing that can bring you closer together.
5) Take the help of your Doctor: It’s very important to take a consultation with a doctor and seek their help. For appointments with our doctor at Aster IVF, you can call us at 800 900 800 or email us at
Dr. Sreelatha C G
Specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Aster IVF & Women Clinic

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