Laser Hair Reduction

Lasers are beams of light designed to hit a pre-decided target in the body and destroy it using heat energy. In today’s medical practice, it’s one of the doctor’s best friends, as it gives precise results with barely any side effect. Laser hair reduction is one of the most common aesthetic treatments, sought after by both young and old. It causes permanent reduction of the unwanted hairs, in the most painless and comfortable way possible, without any major side effects.

Laser hair reduction can be taken up by anyone, males and females alike, to reduce hair on any desired body part, e.g. hands, legs, ears, chest, underarms  etc. It needs no major preparation or investigation before starting the treatment.

Many of the females suffer with excess facial hair. Most of the times it’s because of hormonal imbalance in the body, also referred to as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). For such females, a thorough hormonal analysis and ultrasound scanning is required before we can start lasers. Laser gives good results in them when combined with appropriate treatment for PCOS.

Types of Laser
There are many laser technologies today in the market targeting hair reduction, like Nd:Yag, Diode, Alexandrite and IPL. The dermatologist decides the type of laser to be used depending on individual’s skin and hair type.

How it works
The laser beam targets the black colour pigment in the hair roots and destroys the roots permanently. That is why thick black hairs are easy to treat with lasers compared to bleached or gray hairs.

After one session, we can expect around 10-15% reduction in the number of hair on the treated area. On an average 6-8 sessions are required for a good result, each being done at a gap of 4-8 weeks. Maintenance sessions may be needed later, once every 6-8 months.

The procedure
The area to be lasered is first cleaned and hair are clipped off or shaved. The area is then cooled with cold air and laser shots are given. The procedure is not painful and all you feel is a sense of slight warmth. After laser, soothing cream and sunscreen are applied.

What to expect after laser sessions
There may be slight redness of the area after laser which resolves in 2-3 hours.

After each session there is decrease in density of hair, decrease in their growth rate and also progressive thinning of thick hair.

One can expect up to 80-90% reduction of hair after 6-8 laser sessions.

After Care
Application of sunscreen is almost mandatory on the laser area, especially if laser is done on sun exposed areas. Going out in sun unprotected might lead to sensitivity of the skin and also at times sun burns and pigmentation.

Waxing, plucking or bleaching of the hair should be totally avoided in between laser sessions. The area can be shaved or trimmed or hair removing creams can be used if need arises.

Side effects
Very rarely there can be laser burns. This is totally reversible and resolves without leaving behind any marks.

As mentioned above, exposure to sun might lead to pigmentation in the lasered area. This is again temporary and if dermatologist help is sought in time, it’s completely reversible.

Few people, who have tendency to develop acne, might experience small acne like eruptions in the treated area. This can be reduced by use of appropriate cream advised by dermatologist. Once the laser sessions are completed, occurrence of acne on those areas also reduces.

Overall, laser hair reduction is an almost painless way, to get rid of hair on any body part and works well for both females and males alike. We at Aster aesthetic clinic, provide a world class laser hair reduction experience with the help of both Nd:Yag and Alexandrite lasers.