Laparoscopic Total Colectomy and Ileo Rectal Anastomosis

Recently, a case of laparoscopic total colectomy was performed at Aster Hospital, Mankhool.

A patient complaining of abdominal pain, vomiting and constipation came to the Gastroenterology department at Aster Hospital Mankhool. He reportedly was suffering from significant weight loss, loss of appetite, and was syncope due to pain. He was seen by Dr. Amal Upadhyay – Consultant Gastroenterology and upon performing colonoscopy, he was found to have bowel cancer. Post biopsy, he was advised to seek surgical help and the opinion of an oncologist.

Considering his financial situation and the fact that he had no insurance cover, the patient was considering various options including travelling to India for further treatment.

Upon consulting with Dr. Moni Suseelan our Specialist General Surgery at Aster Hospital Mankhool and was advised to undergo laparoscopic total colectomy with Ileo-rectal anastomosis. Upon detailing him on the operative procedure, outcomes and after effects, he was also advised to consult an Oncologist for neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. He was required to undertake chemotherapy after his procedure as per the Oncologist at Saudi German Hospital, Dubai.

The procedure was performed successfully on 23rd  March 2016, and he was tolerated soft diet within few days post operatively, considering the loss of total colon.


Dr. Moni Suseelan


Specialist General Surgery

Aster Hospital



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