Integrated Liver Care: the future of liver disease management

Management of advanced liver diseases is a challenging task. The complex nature of liver diseases requires a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the best outcome for patients. The World Health Organization reports that total deaths worldwide from cirrhosis and liver cancer are increasing. Furthermore, this trend is reflected locally as nearly 30 percent of the UAE’s adult population might be at risk of or are currently suffering from the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

In light of this, Aster DM Healthcare hosted CME program for Doctors from UAE & India on Liver transplant and Liver Diseases at Hyatt Regency Creek Heights, Dubai on April 22nd accredited by DHA.  The CME conference, co-organized by Astra Zeneca, brought together more than 18 specialists practicing speakers in the Middle East and India, belonging to Aster Hospital and Clinics, Medcare Hospital & Clinics and Aster Medcity in Kochi and Aster CMI Hospital Bangalore.

The CME allowed doctors and various specialists to present, collaborate and share knowledge on the latest research, technology and treatments. Optimizing outcomes and ensuring safety in liver transplantations to Hepatocellular screening and multi-disciplinary management for liver disease, the conference aimed at addressing the rising incidence of liver disease globally and regionally.

Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare highlighted the fact that, “Aster has always remained committed to raising the standard of excellence in medical care. Part of this includes creating conversations and encouraging sharing of knowledge between experts and medical practitioners in the healthcare fraternity. This CME conference is focused on the rising Liver Diseases in the region. We want to ensure that people have access to multi-disciplinary care to ensure comprehensive treatment. We consider this our responsibility being one of the leading healthcare providers in the Gulf and Indian region.”

Aster DM Health has lined up more CMEs in the region, to encourage international, regional and local health practitioners, along with experts within Aster DM Healthcare network, to collaborate. These conferences allow for health professionals to work together and form a medical community within which best practices, cutting-edge health learnings and research on the latest trends are shared. This will help to create a more enriched, trusted and overall higher quality healthcare eco-system in the region.


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