Hypertension Day

  1. What is hypertension?

Hypertension is abnormally high blood pressure (in adults: >140/90 in at least 2 consecutive separate readings/days.

  1. Are there any symptoms or signs that show blood pressure is too high?

Patient with hypertension is usually an asymptomatic/ mostly symptomless condition, however, a patient with hypertension may experience severe headache/ nape pain, severe anxiety, vision problems, shortness of breath and nose bleeds.

  1. How does stress affect blood pressure, and what can we do to lower stress levels?

Stress would make a person do unhealthy practices like overeating, drinking alcohol and poor sleeping habits that can cause high blood pressure. Ways to avoid stress: Have some hobbies/ sports. Connect with other people.

  1. High Blood Pressure: Why Prevention and Control are urgent and important?

Risk factors of hypertension are usually modifiable/ preventable such as lifestyle and dietary factors (e.g. Physical inactivity, alcohol and tobacco use, and a diet high in sodium which is present in processed and fatty foods). It’s very important to start precautionary measures because long-standing hypertension could lead to a serious medical condition such as Heart failure and Heart attack, Aneurysm, stroke and kidney failure.

Another risk factor which is nonmodifiable is Genetic.

  1. Does hypertensionoccur in children? If yes how and what should be done to prevent it?

Hypertension may occur in all stages of life. It may occur in children with kidney, cardiac, endocrine/ hormonal problems and in certain tumors. It may also be caused by chronic, poorly managed stress. Some conditions that can lead to hypertension cannot be prevented, however, observing healthy lifestyle, hypertension might be prevented. Measures such as consuming low fat, low salt diet (avoid consuming fast foods, junk foods), having some sports, aerobic/ isotonic exercise and weight reduction for those obese children could decrease the chance of having hypertension in children.



Dr. Lezel Mahinay Baliad

General Practitioner

Aster Bahrain





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