healthy social distancing

How to Practice Healthy Social Distancing

If there’s anything that 2020 will teach us, it will be how to maintain hygiene and socially distance ourselves from others. The global pandemic has forced us to have new routines and a new social distancing lifestyle. What’s key to note here is that each generation in your household may take differently to the idea of social distancing. Youngsters will have to bear in mind that at a crucial time such as this, acting with empathy and patience towards your loved ones and introducing minor, but effective, changes can go a long way in making this experience fun and easy for everyone.

While people within the older age group are more vulnerable COVID-19, they can also be victims of social isolation during this time. This is especially true for expats and their families back home. Although the best practice is to socially distance yourself from everyone, it helps if you take steps to ensure that your family is not emotionally distanced.

Practicing Healthy Social Distancing

You can keep the elders in the loop by keeping them updated about what is going on in your life a few times a day. Talk to them about the news and about your challenges at home or even casually while ensuring that you stay hopeful. Being hopeful helps ease new transitions.

More and more people are catching up over video calls these days

It is more fun when you can see each other and speak to them. It’s in the little things that one can find happiness in now. Talk to them about your future plans, tell them how much you love them. You can tell your parents how much you missed their delicious dish and over video chat try to get the recipe and make it at home and make your kids participate in it.

Shoot short video clips of your children’s activity

Be it them playing an instrument, dancing or painting, show active interest in their hobbies and share it with their grandparents and older neighbors. It has mutual benefits for kids and for seniors.

Lend a helping hand

Talk to your older parents, grandparents and older neighbors and find out if they need medicine refills or a run to the grocery store. Let them know you will set up to deliver it to their doorsteps or provide it for them. Remember to always ask before assuming to respect their rules and autonomy.

It’s the little gestures that will keep everyone close during this brief period of social distancing. Do your part for your family and yourself. Let’s overcome this crisis together no matter where you or your loved ones are.


Dr. Fatemeh AghanasiriDr. Fatemeh Aghanasiri

General Practitioner
Aster Clinic, Arabian Ranches



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