How to Heal the Dark Circles under Your Eyes

Are dark circles a severe disease which may turn disastrously fatal? NO! But, they steal your look. That’s a pretty grave situation.

Swollen baggy patches under your eyes can make you look exhausted, older, stressed, and unhealthy, even when you aren’t.

Getting rid of dark circles is an achievable target. However, only sleeping well doesn’t help much. Once you’ve confirmed if the dark circles have risen because of age, allergies, vascular issues, or late night margaritas a day before, you can treat them accordingly.

Kick the Tired-Eye Look Away for Good

Cucumbers are advertised as the perfect solution for shadows under the eyes. And they are quite useful too. Other than that, you can massage your dark circles with almond oil before sleeping every night. Rubbing chilled & raw potato juice can help reduce puffiness and lighten the dark skin as potato contains natural bleaching agents. Vitamin-C Serum is also beneficial for lightening the under-eye skin.

Treating the eyes with 10-15 minutes of rosewater-soaked cotton pads or a mixture of tomato and lemon juice works as well. Or, you can take a glass of juice with mint leaves, tomato, and lemon drops for two weeks.

As per Dermatology clinics and dermatologists, if your dark circles denote any vascular problems, use more pillows while sleeping. You can also apply cold compresses, eye creams which contain coffee, grape seed oil, or green tea. Tampering with your diet and including food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like walnuts, salmon, or anchovies may help too. If it’s (if there are any) allergies, talk to a doctor.

Specialist Dermatologist



Dr. Anuj Taneja

Specialist Dermatologist

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