Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

There is a very important medical condition which any women can suffer, whoever has the ability to get pregnant. And this condition is Ectopic Pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy is when the pregnancy does not occur inside the uterus but instead, it stays outside the uterus and the percentage is around 1-2%. When a woman gets pregnant, she has about 98-99% chances that her pregnancy will go and develop inside the uterus. But there are women who can have a pregnancy outside the uterus. There are just about 1 to 2 % who can suffer from this situation.

View the video below to know more about the causes and the treatments of Ectopic Pregnancy.




Dr. Ghazala Ali


Dr. Ghazala Ali Chaudhary

Specialist ObstetricsĀ & Gynecologist

Aster Clinic, Butina (Sharjah)



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