Preventing infections while fasting

During Ramadan, there is a significant decrease in water consumption over a long period of time. The unrelenting heat, harsh sunlight and longer days do not make it easy for people who fast. When you add dehydration, fatigue and weakness to the equation, you can have several health complications, including kidney stones and urinary tract infections […]

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The truth about your tooth

We have all heard about the mind & body connection, but how much do we know about the mouth & body connection? Beyond giving you a visibly great smile and a boost of confidence, the health of the mouth mirrors the overall health of the body. The World Health Organization states that 2 in 100,000 […]

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Ergonomic injuries

Ergonomic Injuries

1) What are ergonomic injuries and how are they caused? Most people these days have desk jobs that require them to be seated at their desks for 8-10 hours straight. People often fail to realize how much havoc a simple desk job can create in their life. People tend to disregard a lot of simple […]

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