Blood Donation

Tattoos and Blood Donation

Can people with tattoos donate blood? Yes, people who have undergone body art procedures (tattoos) or have body piercings can surely donate blood but only after a specific period of time and once you meet certain established regulations. As per the World Health Organization guidelines, one is eligible to donate blood only after a year […]

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Vampire Facelift

Does your face look tired and dull or your face is saggy or droopy? Well, you must be yearning for your skin to feel refreshed and look younger. Vampire facelift is exactly what you need. As explained by Dr. Charles Runels, MD who trademarked the procedure, Vampire facelift is a non-surgical facelift procedure in which […]

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Summer Skin Care Tips for Teen Skin

It is not possible for one to pass through teenage without a few complaints about the skin. It could be pimples, sudden breakouts, acne, dry/oily skin, the complaints could be various. Teenage is an experimental time, everybody is just eager to grow up. The minute you discover your feminity or even masculinity, you are eager […]

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