Rosacea – Symptoms and causes

Rosacea is a common skin condition that can result in the redness and visibility of blood vessels on the skin of the face. Some of these symptoms are akin to those that occur with acne, and this can result in rosacea often being misdiagnosed as acne. In extreme cases, rosacea can also cause small, red […]

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Look Good and Feel Great

Skincare is a vital part of overall health care, especially in a country like the UAE where the temperatures in the summers can get very hot, while the winters get cold and windy. This results in the skin having to face a lot of changes in heat, humidity, and temperature. A lot of people tend […]

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Blood Donation

Tattoos and Blood Donation

Can people with tattoos donate blood? Yes, people who have undergone body art procedures (tattoos) or have body piercings can surely donate blood but only after a specific period of time and once you meet certain established regulations. As per the World Health Organization guidelines, one is eligible to donate blood only after a year […]

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