Cannes Lions Award 2016

Aster DM Healthcare’s Nazar makes history at the Cannes Lions, being the first campaign in the UAE to win a Gold and Silver Lions in the Healthcare category.  A powerful representation of the susceptibility to eye disease in the blue-collar community, Nazar brought light to an important issue in the region and used innovative tools to create a solution by offering hundreds of free toolkits, eye-checkups and glasses to blue-collar workers.

Dr Moopen, Founder and Chairman of Aster DM Healthcare, said: “Aster aims to be not just a healthcare provider, but organisation responsible for the healthcare needs of the community. We, therefore, prioritize supporting initiatives and campaigns that are innovative and socially responsible. After all, healthcare it is not just about investing in the latest medical technology, but about ensuring it is accessible and affordable by all,”

“We are proud that the effort has been recognised by the world renowned Cannes Lions, but also grateful and hopeful that this recognition will push the cause of Nazar further,” added Dr Moopen.

Construction workers are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun throughout the day, leaving them vulnerable to the high albedo reflected by the lightly-toned surface of the sand. Why is this an issue? High exposure of the eyes to brightness causes gradual damage to vision.

Identifying the issue, however, is only half the battle. As Aster and its media agency, The Classic Partnership realised the majority of blue collar workers are not educated and also do not have money to access good quality healthcare. Hence the Nazar Campaign developed an affordable, scalable and innovative solution, tailored to fit the unique and diverse needs of the blue-collar community.

How was this achieved?

First, the workers were made to undergo a visual acuity test. The traditional ‘Snellen Eye Chart’ which most could not read that uses letters from the English language, was replaced with graphics of equipment familiar to workers. These charts were then distributed to the construction companies and their labour camps. The companies also assisted in identifying the workers who needed eye check-ups. The workers with poor eyesight went to the one of the Aster Clinics for a thorough free eye checkup. This toolkit was also distributed to hundreds of workers, encouraging them to check for eye issues themselves.

The response has been tremendous, as Nazar aims able to reach more than 7000 workers by this year. The results also found that 15% of the blue collar workers had a slightly poor vision and had to be guided for further free eye checkup. Aster then was able to provide them with free spectacles to ensure their eye- health and well-being.

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