Botox Axilla

This summer , do not miss the Botox for under arm sweating …

many people maybe not aware about the option of botox for the sweating on under arm

while most think that we can use botox to treat the excess sweating on under arms , hands and soles,  we can still use botox for normal under arm sweating especially on summer , to get rid of sweating , as it became more in the hot weather, and sometimes affect choice of choosing clothes and may cause embarrassment affecting social lifestyle or even the work

it is safe procedure , without any serious side effect ,

result starts in 7-14 days , and last usually for about 6-9 months

It is a lunchtime procedure, which mean you can do it in the lunch break time and return to work

And it is little different from botox for expressional wrinkles , in term of dilution and the target here is not the muscles

And usually no any report of any serious side effect

Most of client who did it , usually they like it and repeat it regularly

To summarize, Botox injection for extra seating or hyperhidrosis especially for axillary seating , it is a safe and effective procedure


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