Be consciuos of your posture

Good posture not only enhances our overall personality but is also vital for our health in the long term. For example, slouching or droopy shoulders put excessive pressure on diaphragm muscles, leading  to less oxygen intake & resulting in fatigue as well as poor blood & air circulation in  the body. Bad posture also increases the chances of injuring our muscles and causing aches in the back, joints and more.

How to mind one’s posture?

To maintain good posture, one should think of their spine. The human spine has three natural curves – at the neck, mid-back,and lower back.

The correct posture maintains & aligns these curves without putting additional strain on them.

Its in continuation. No breaks in between.

Tips for maintaining a good posture:

Being conscious: Reminding oneself regularly to sit up straight will help maintain the correct posture.

Staying Active: Exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, etc., helps one focus on their body, strengthen the core and maintain the posture.

Its in continuation. No breaks in between.

Maintaining Work Surface: Our workstations, dinner tables, or kitchen counters should be high enough to work at eye level.

Taking breaks: Take a break after every half an hour to stretch or walk around before resuming work or any other activity.

Providing support to the back: It is crucial to support our lower back while sitting or lying down to maintain its natural curve. Using wedge pillows helps the cause.

Maintaining a good posture doesn’t happen overnight. Every day we need to put in some conscious efforts to retain it for a healthy life and body.

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