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Going back to school can be a stressful time for children. They will be excited but will also have certain apprehensions about the new class they are going into, new teachers and new friends. Parents are the sole support system for children and must encourage their children while at the same time address their concerns. Some of the tips to help your child to get ready for school are:

  • Communication is key. Talk to your child about the new and exciting things at the school. Also, talk to your child and ask him about his concerns and fears.
  • Tell your child about the positive points like making many new friends, meeting old friends and having new teachers.
  • Visit the school with your child to meet the new teachers, if possible, and to have a look at your child’s new classroom.
  • Reassure your child that you will be by his/her side at all times.

It could be challenging for the parents to bring the child back to the school routine after a long break of two months of summer holidays. Parents can help their child by simple measures, including:

  • Setting a bedtime and wake-up time according to school timings a few days before the school reopens. This will ensure that the change in routine is not drastic and children are well prepared to sleep and wake up on time.
  • Involving your child in buying new school books and stationery. Let them choose his/her preferred box of pencils, lunch box, school bag, shoes etc. This is one of the simplest things to do but extremely helpful as they will be more eager to use the things that they chose.
  • Arrange a meeting with some of his/her classmates to make your child realize that he/she has friends in school.
  • Assure him/her that it will be fun to have new sports, new friends and new teacher at the school.
  • Ask your child about what he/she would like to take in their lunch box and set a menu for each day as per his/her liking.

Back to school is also a time for exposure to various infectious diseases. Prevention is better than cure is the golden rule.  Parents need to make sure they have checked a few points off their to-do list. Therefore it is important to ensure that:

  • Your child’s vaccination is up to date.
  • Your child gets the flu vaccination to get protection against (Seasonal Flu) Influenza.
  • You pack healthy food in your child’s lunch box. Pack fruits, vegetables, and snacks that are rich in protein and carbohydrates.
  • You ask children to drink plenty of water at school and stay hydrated.
  • Your child uses Children a school bag with a padded back and shoulder straps to reduce a backache and strain on shoulders and spine.
  • You explain the importance of good hygiene to children and teach them proper hand washing techniques especially before eating and after a visit to the washroom.

We always wish good health to all children, but in case your child falls sick after starting school, it is important to ensure a timely visit to the pediatrician and follow the doctor’s advice on the treatment course. Additionally, it is important to let your child stay at home until he/she recovers completely.


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Dr. Sarla Sharma

Specialist Paediatrician

Aster Clinic, Al Nahda, Dubai


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