Cervical Pain

Cervical pain and its Symptoms

The Cervical spine not only protects the delicate spinal cord but also provides flexibility, allowing the neck to move in all directions while balancing the weight of our head. This flexibility comes at a cost of increased vulnerability to strains in the cervical spine. Poor posture and a lack of exercise cause cervical pain in the […]

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The effect of Ramadan on Cardiac Patients

Ramadan is an ideal platform to target year long lifestyle modification, to ensure that whatever health care benefits have been gained during this month, are perpetuated. Patients with stable Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) can observe fasting during Ramadan without anticipating any major adverse cardiac events while those with unstable disease or recent/pending revascularization should largely […]

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Endometriosis – a silent sickness

Women often experience pelvic pain while menstruating and heavy flow during menstruation. Most times women often disregard the pain believing it to be the usual period pain which will get better after those 5 days. This is one of the most common myths associated with Endometriosis. Pelvic pain during menstruation is one of the most […]

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