Botox Axilla

This summer , do not miss the Botox for under arm sweating … many people maybe not aware about the option of botox for the sweating on under arm while most think that we can use botox to treat the excess sweating on under arms , hands and soles,  we can still use botox for […]

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World Heart Day 2022

Beating cardiovascular disease is something that matters to every beating heart. Arrhythmias, Heart Failure and Syncope are issues of the heart tackled by the best heart doctors at Heart Rhythm Clinic at Aster Discovery Gardens. Arrhythmias occur when the electrical signals inside the heart are faulty causing the heart to beat either too fast (tachycardia) […]

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what are the most common reasons to see a rheumatologist

What Are the Most Common Reasons to See a Rheumatologist?

A rheumatologist is a physician with specialized training in rheumatology. This medical specialty deals with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions in patients of all ages. What does a rheumatologist do? Rheumatologists diagnose and manage a wide range of conditions which include  inflammatory  disorders affecting joints and muscles, connective tissue diseases which involve joints as well as other […]

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