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I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts of all Aster Al Quoz team, and specially Dr. Natesh from Al Quoz Aster Clinic, who has been instrumental always at the time when needed most. I will give you two instances, where he has greatly helped.

First, when I came from US, I had a throat infection, infact Paritonsillar Abscess which because of his efforts, and medicine, got cured in less than 5 days. Next case was also similar and he already cured, before it could go worst.

Once, I needed some very small advice on referred medicine, while travelling and amazingly Dr. Natesh helped me through phone call. He is an amazing doctor, with a great human being attitude of always helping the patient than just giving medicines.

I have moved to the Netherlands, and still feel that we should have Aster Clinic and doctors like Dr. Natesh all around the globe. It will be great to see similar good doctors leading your clinic in future.

Advaita Sharma

The general physician at Aster Clinic, Karama near Karama Park - Dr Babu Daniel is the best & Most trustworthy doctor in town. He perfectly knows how to treat an ailment, he'll write the most suitable medicines and advise the best treatment plan to treat you well. I never go to any other doctor no matter how far I am from the clinic.

Bhawana Preetish

My greatest appreciation goes to my Dr firstly.She is an amazing woman,calm and loving yet so helpful and caring. I had a wonderful pregnancy journey with her and she never made me panic.Up until the last day she delivered my child on 30Sep.May God bless you Dr Sarla Dodani.Secondly, I am at a loss of words to describe the kind of care that I received from the staff at Aster hospital mankhool. Everybody is just awesome and so gentle.I had never imagined such love that I received, from the security guys, the maternity ward staff, theatre staff, nursery staff.The ones I remember by name, Sr Priya Mathew, Sr Linda, Sr Leena and generally everyone that I encountered during my stay.I don't remember each one by name but I know you all and may you all be blessed in your jobs and lives.Keep up the spirit of love.

Anotida P. Mavengere

Good service and very accommodating from the Receptionists, Nurses up to the Doctors-professional and hospitable. They ensure that the patient are in a good hands and well-taken care of. Kudos to the team

Carmela Angeles

I am very thankful for the excellent care I received from Dr Anushree Saraswati while I was pregnant. She was caring and concerned, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. Thank you doctor.

Ammu Ajith

Well I have been to several Aster clinics but this one is bigger and spacious with free parking for Aster visitors. To be honest i found them always professional and cooperative. To the people who are always complaining should see the work pressure they are handling into and also services and cleanliness which is here much better than our home countries.
DR. SRINIVASAN RAVINDRANATH specialist cardiology was very gentle and helpful during all the procedures and advices. Wish him all the best and may God bless him.
Well done Aster team, keep it up !

Asim Mahmood

Just thought I'll put in a note to say that I'm very happy with Dr Libey Mariam George Joy, I've visited doctor at Aster Dubai Marina and was glad to know shes here now at Aster Tecom.

A doctor who puts you at ease while checking and enquiring well about one's condition. The best part she's spot on to diagnose and follows up well. Thanks Dr Libey!

Jennifer Gregory

Hello, I have visited aster clinic two times and I feel it's very organised, a bit rushy but efficient and friendly. Gynaecologist is great and I would certainly advice her. Dr Hashim is a great doctor who is not only concerned about treatment but also primary care of chronic diseases like diabetes. I would prefer him for any long term problem because he explains very well and remains strict with the patient just for their benefit. Loved Aster.

Asma Ali

I have been seeing Dr Prakash Pania from Bur Dubai clinic since long. He is a very good doctor and very helpfull.


The nursing room was little smaller, make the procedures little more faster, Dr. Niya was excellent and all other service was very nice


I'm very much satisfied with the consultation of Dr. Stuti


Dr. Stuti was very nice. I'm so happy with her consultation


Dr. Naveen was very good and I'm satisfied with the service


Dr. Niya is a very excellent doctor. Thank You for treating us very fast.


Dr. George was really good and I'm very comfortable with him.


Dr. George and Dr. Liny are really excellent. Liked the services.


It was my first visit at Silicon Oasis clinic and I'm comfortable with the service. Everything was perfect.


For my kids I will always consult Dr. Nilay. He is a very nice doctor


I have been there yesterday. There was one lady Joyce Anna in Counter 1 / First Floor /  Aster Jubilee clinic . She is very good in what she is doing. Very quick and pro active in getting things done.

Soumya Salvin

I am very happy and impressed by your Nursing staff and Doctor during my visit to eye specialist at bur Dubai. Weldon and keep it up.

Zulfiqar Ali

it was great experienced with this clinic Dr,Kirti Mohan is the best around Dubai & would like to suggest any clients suffering from orthopedic issue please do visit Dr Mohan he will be your best solution . Thank you to Dr Kriti Mohan.

Chandra Thapa

I am writing this for one of the best experience I had with your ENT, Dr. Ranjith Venkatachalam. I consulted him for throat and nose related issue. With very simple medication, he cured my disease permanently. Before meeting Dr. Ranjith, I had met many doctors to cure my disease and had loads of anti0biotics. But all of them were of no use. Dr. Ranjith gave me very simple medicines and my disease was cured in a week. And the best part is that it never came back.
I request Aster to employ more doctors like him. Dr. Ranjith literally serves the motto of Aster - "We will treat you well". God bless him. He is ethically serving his duties.

Thanks Dr. Ranjith.

Prince Prakash Nair

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