Heart Day

Habits that are Harmful for your Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the UAE a recent study suggests. A number of factors associated with increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, among these some are non-modifiable and most are modifiable, that means we can be able to manage within our daily routines of life.

Some of the harmful habits in our daily routine can damage our heart health. Mentioned below are some of the habits :

Sitting all day: A recent study by the American Heart Association compared people with an active lifestyle to those who are sitting more than 5 hours a day and concluded that the latter group has double the risk of heart disease. This inactivity could be related to an office job or watching TV. If your job requires sitting all day it is very important to get up and take a walk of 5 minutes to an hour, to promote blood flow in arteries and keep your arteries flexible and protect against the negative effects of being sedentary.

Stressing too much: Stress is associated with the release of adrenaline which causes an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure, causing damage to blood vessels of the heart leading to heart attack and stroke.
Following are the recommendation to minimize the harmful effects of stress:
1. Share your feeling by talking with a trusted friend or family member.
2. Make a routine of daily exercise to relieve the mental stress, 30 min walk of moderate intensity most day of the week is advised.
3. Plan your day, prioritizing your daily work will prevent rushing to get everything done.



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