Diabetes and Heart Disease

People with diabetes have an elevated risk of heart disease, which develops at a much earlier age, and are two to four times more likely to succumb to heart disease as compared to those who are non-diabetic. But through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, it is possible to maintain a healthy heart.

Did you know, that nearly two-thirds of people with Diabetes also have high blood pressure?

The silver lining is that once you know the link between diabetes and heart disease, you can take the necessary steps to keep both conditions at a very manageable level. (more…)


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Diabetes effects in UAE

The effect of Diabetes in the UAE

November is designated as the official Diabetes Awareness Month, and Specialist Physician Dr. George Cherian sat down with the reporters of Friday Magazine to give his insights on the condition and the effects of Diabetes in the UAE. Here are the excerpts from the published interview.

Diabetes in 2017;  how is it affecting people here in the UAE, any statistics/numbers that you can share? 

The International Diabetes Federation states that 415 million people globally have diabetes. As per research conducted by the International Diabetes Federation, 19.3% of the population in UAE are living with Diabetes.

Diabetes is extremely common these days. Earlier it was seen in people above the age of 50. These days there are innumerable cases of youngsters who have diabetes. There are two common types of diabetes, namely Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is much more common than Type 1 and typically develops in adults, although now children as young as 13 years of age develop the condition. The increase in type 2 diabetes appears to be driven by genetics and unhealthy lifestyle conditions. Genetic factors are out of individual control, however, lifestyle factors like healthy dietary practices and maintaining a healthy weight are factors that can be controlled and managed at an individual level.



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