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About Aster DM Healthcare


From a single clinic to a performance-driven healthcare enterprise spread across 323 establishments in 9 countries, Aster DM Healthcare is on course to becoming the leading healthcare provider in the Middle East, India, and the Far East.

Currently one of the largest and fastest growing conglomerates in the MENA region, Aster DM Healthcare covers the full spectrum of healthcare services. An expansive portfolio which includes hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and retail pharmacies.

Headquartered in Dubai, the Aster DM network now encompasses 15,991 employees, 2308  doctors, and several JCI accredited hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers.

Never content to rest on its laurels, Aster DM Healthcare is constantly seeking opportunities to set new benchmarks with advanced healthcare services. With many more innovative and ambitious initiatives, Aster DM Healthcare has radically catalyzed the healthcare revolution in the Middle East, India, and the Far East.

Each of the Group’s verticals is a symbol of distinction, driven by a commitment to build a healthier tomorrow and to take healthcare to the next level of excellence.

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